Graduate Life work at University of Oxford


Graduate Life work at University of Oxford

Oxford University in the United Kingdom. As soon as the students heard the name, a number of buildings like palaces and a huge campus floated in fron

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Oxford University in the United Kingdom. As soon as the students heard the name, a number of buildings like palaces and a huge campus floated in front of the eyes of the students. From scientist Stephen Hawking to former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, actress Emma Watson and many other world-renowned people who have toured the green fields of the campus. Who doesn’t want to walk that campus at least once?

Four students of the law department of Dhaka University were preparing for that purpose – Riasat Azmi, Md. Zahid Al Mamun, Md. Azhar Uddin Bhuiyan and Ali Mashrafe. Goal: Participate in the international phase of the Twelfth Price Media Mutt Program held at Oxford University in the United Kingdom in April after the South Asian Regional Round in India. With that I toured the whole Oxford University for six days.

But the academic calendar of the department is excluded. The schedule of the final exams matched the schedule of the regional episodes. Oxford on the one hand, the final exam on the other. Who will win?

In the end, the final test was won. But is Oxford’s dream over? Uh-huh! There is another way. But in that case we have to fight with all the famous universities in the world including Oxford University itself. In the end, only 12 universities in the world will have the opportunity to participate directly. Four members of the team took up this huge challenge. Although the task was difficult, they started working day and night in the hope of going straight to the international round.

Evidence of this proverb was found at the end. Dhaka University in Bangladesh became one of the 12 teams based on memorial submissions, leaving behind the renowned universities of many countries including the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. Of the remaining 11 universities, Oxford University itself was!

Experience of University of Oxford

How was the Oxford experience? Asked about this, Riasat Azmi, one of the members of the team, said, “We have been preparing for Oxford for more than a year. We were not afraid to take part directly because we had enough self-confidence. In the end, if I didn’t get the support of the sponsors, I might have lost this opportunity. The Price Media Mut program is the world’s largest competition on international media law. The competition has been organized annually by Oxford University since 2006.

Oxford and the difference between us, if you want to know another member of the team. Azhar Uddin Bhuiyan said, ‘When you enter Oxford, the first thing you see is internationalism. As soon as you set foot, you can understand that reading here is literally done. We also do research here at the student level. However, in order to be successful, you need the financial investment of the university and the sincere efforts of all.

This year, 39 teams from 96 teams of the world have qualified for the International Round, out of which 26 teams have qualified for the International Round through various regional rounds. The remaining 12 teams passed through direct competition. He hoped that the members participating in the competition would be able to use the experience and knowledge gained from Oxford in the future to contribute to the development of freedom of speech and media law in the country.