Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2023


Best Profitable Small Business Ideas in Bangladesh 2023

There are many small business ideas in Bangladesh from you can get a good profit. Bangladesh is the mainly an agricultural country, which makes agro-b

জীবন অনিশ্চিত তবুও সফল উদ্যোক্তা আরনিকা আল-আমিন
সুলতানার স্বপ্ন একজন নারী উদ্যোক্তার স্বপ্ন
বর্তমানে সবচেয়ে লাভজনক ব্যবসা কোনগুলো ২০২১

There are many small business ideas in Bangladesh from you can get a good profit. Bangladesh is the mainly an agricultural country, which makes agro-based business ideas very prospective for us. I will share today’s small business ideas in Bangladesh which are the most profitable in our country.

Many business ideas are most profitable than other job sectors. You can easily run any business without hesitation which is also a great preclusive for the nation’s economy.

What are the Profitable Sectors to Start a Business in Bangladesh?

Moreover, the service sector’s also growing in the country. So, there are different types of business opportunities in Bangladesh. The following industry sectors are potentially profitable presently in Bangladesh:

  • Manufacturing
  • Apparels & Garments
  • Power Generation/ Alternative Energy
  • Education Business
  • Healthcare
  • Construction/ Highway Business
  • Travel & Tourism
  • IT and Software
  • Manpower Supply

Business ideas in Bangladesh

Are you looking for a small business ideas in Bangladesh? Currently, the education growth rate in our country as well as so the challenge of getting a job. In this situation, many people want to start a business. But either they do not understand what to do or they don’t have any business ideas in Bangladesh.

Many businesses can be run by sitting in a house with low capital. Many women want to do something from home, but they can’t go ahead for various reasons. Take a step, you will definitely find a way. I will share various types of business which can suit students, housewives will be the first steps for your business starting.

1. Fishery

Bangladesh is a riverine and fish-loving country. Almost all water bodies are suitable for the fishery. You can opt for this business idea for greater gains. You have to select a suitable area without many slopes or a tendency to get flood-prone.

It is better if you can construct and design a pond exclusively for your fish farming. Then select your type of fish as per your location and demand. Take good care and feed them well. After collecting the matured fish, sell them at your nearest market or at the center of your convenience and profitability.

2. Travel Agency Business

Travel and tourism industry is the most growing sector in our Bangladesh. There are many travellers in different tourist place. Most of them haven’t previous experience of travelling so that they need to help of a travel agency. The local travel agency will be the best for a startup.

Travel Agency Business in Bangladesh

3. Photography Business

If you are interested to take photos or photography, then you can choose these types of business. You can easily make your career successful in this business. You take this business in your main career income and side income. For more profitable in this business, you must select the niches.

4. Organic Products

Our awareness of health is increasing. Everyone knows the harmful effect of chemical foods. Today, everyone wants to get chemical-free products. So, the demand for organic products is increasing day by day.

This is a business that you can start even from today with less investment. You can start it in your room, roof, in a slight open place or on the verandah. Then, during the first phase, the time of choosing the shop place and the rent cost both are saved.

5. Nursery business

Nursery business is another best business idea for Bangladesh. You do not need any different shops for this business. There is no need for capital in many cases. Because we often plant plants, fruits and flowers in our homes, porch, on the roof or in front of the house from a hobby.

This business will be the easiest, profitable and best for those who get joy in the garden. The nursery business can start with low investment and is suitable for women too. So the tree lovers can start without any late.

6. Start a Salon Business in Bangladesh

The Salon industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Bangladesh. You can attract customers of different age profiles with this business idea. Previously it was limited to the rich upper-class people, but now both women and men from all classes of society visit salons for haircuts and beauty treatment.

Start a Salon Business in Bangladesh

If you have a passion for beauty and healthcare, consider starting a salon business in Bangladesh. There are many salons in Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, or other big cities. Try to be very perfect in your work and use the products of a good brand. Always remember the importance of being perfect and excellent in this beauty business.

7. Blogging Business

Another timely business Idea is the blogging business. Blogging means sharing different types of information, story, tips, tutorial on the Internet through a platform. Currently, the demand for income is increasing much more. You can grow a standard bangla blog by spending around 10 hours a week.

People of any age, gender and occupation can start blogging. I suggest this is the best business idea for women, specially housewifes and students. But success in blogging depends on your interest and expertise. If you are interested in your blogging, develop skills in SEO Blogspot or WordPress right now.

Last word on Business Ideas in Bangladesh

Do not rush to start a business. Think, think and think, then select business ideas in Bangladesh after getting all the answers to these questions:

  • You can register a private limited company.
  • Register your business as a branch office.
  • One can register the business as a project office.
  • Register your business with the Franchise Agreement.

We hope this list of profitable business ideas will help people in Bangladesh to start their own ventures.