How to be an Honest Student


How to be an Honest Student

Reality always leads us to what we think subconsciously. That's how we make our debut in the future. So we follow an honest student review and like t

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Reality always leads us to what we think subconsciously. That’s how we make our debut in the future. So we follow an honest student review and like the same life and build up our career.

An Honest Student Reviews for a student life

Now I will discuss honest student reviews in this article. One cannot become an honest student just by reading and writing day and night or by memorizing from the beginning to the end of the book. It requires compliance with certain rules and regulations and honest student reviews. Because every work is being regulated according to specific rules. In order to make the future life of the students beautiful, successful, and glorious, they have to abide by certain rules and regulations. Therefore, some of the principles for becoming honest student reviews are briefly discussed below.

However, some people use it to move towards being honest students and some people use it to move towards failure. Not everyone in the class can be a good student. And no one understands how important it is how to be a good student and know about honest student reviews.

I will discuss Honest Student Reviews step by step

Aim In Life: A student has to decide what the ultimate goal of life will be at the beginning of his education. It’s the first step of our honest student reviews. What do I want to be? An academic, a learned scholar, a historian, an economist, a social worker, a scientist, or something else? Because it is not possible to achieve success without any goal.

Confidence and Strong Tendency: Faith and strong will are the food of the soul. It acts as a fuel for students’ career formation. Belief is the origin of thought and thought is the origin of action. It’s the second step of our honest student reviews. Every human being’s actions are similar to his beliefs. He who does not have self-confidence and ambition does not have any energy in his mind. The desire and morale are awakened by faith and ambition. Faith and hope energize the human mind. Inspired by moving forward. Frustration and despair make people depressed. Takes away his action energy and vitality. So I don’t know that there is a bigger disease in human life than depression.

Persevering: Perseverance means – “Continuing to strive at a relentless pace with the goal of achieving success in any endeavor or reaching the desired goal”. It’s the third step of our honest student reviews. Many people think that being gifted and wise is a gift from God. That is not entirely correct. Because just because you have talent doesn’t mean you have to. If he is not persevering, his talent will not develop. Pandit Bopadev was not brilliant in his childhood. His teachers often beat and reprimanded him for being illiterate. Even at home, parents did not look kindly. Sadly, he left home and went on an unknown journey. On the way, he sat down at a pond to eat. Suddenly he saw a woman filling a pitcher with water from a pond and placing the pitcher on a rock. After a while, when the girl left, Bopadeva saw that the earthen jar had made holes in the hard rock due to constant rubbing. Bopadeva saw an honest student review story. Bopdev’s consciousness came back after observing that scene. He regained consciousness and faith for self-establishment. He began to think: If I could persevere with my so-called rotten brain like the friction of a jug, then my talent could also develop. Then his hopes were truly fulfilled as a result of his relentless efforts. As a result, he was able to achieve the fame of the world-famous Pandit Bopdev.

Study by Routine: Students have to study routinely every day. The textbook would formulate a routine to fully prepare the relevant subjects: it should be hung in front of the reading table. You have to create a routine by dividing the time of day and night. If you study according to the routine, it will be possible to prepare all the subjects thoroughly.

Punctuality: It’s the fifth step of our honest student reviews. It is very important to follow discipline in education. This is one of the characteristics of an ideal student. Divide the time by 24 hours and divide it correctly. The regular study, regular commute to and from school, physical exercise or sports, eating, rest, etc. should be followed. It may be possible to compensate for the wealth lost through hard work, it may be possible to gain knowledge lost through lessons, it may be possible to recover lost health through medicine or treatment but the lost time is lost forever, and cannot be regained.Education is the real time of self-formation. Those who can use their time wisely in education, their life is full of success. They keep a steady pace at work. The country and the nation are blessed to get them. And those students who do not know how to take advantage of time, they fail to succeed in life. So it is very important to make good use of time to achieve success in life.

Writing Skill: The handwriting must be beautiful to get high marks in the exam. It’s the 7th step of our honest student reviews. Because when the examiner evaluates the answer sheet, if bright, beautiful and shiny writing appears in front of his eyes at that time, then there will be a wave of joy in his mind. His mind will be filled with happiness. At that time the examiner will happily give more marks. So if the answer is irrelevant or wrong, just writing will not work.

Net & Clean: It is the duty of every student to always be clean and tidy. External filth causes mental filth. Must be endowed with spiritual purity as well as chastity along with external purity. In order to be virtuous, one has to follow the Islamic ideology.

An Honest Student Honest Student Reviews
An Honest Student Honest Student Reviews

An Honest Student Honest Student Reviews Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise: If the body is not good, the mind is not good. It’s the 9th step of our honest student reviews. Therefore, for the purpose of physical and human development, one should spend the afternoon in Shariah-compliant recreation, sports, exercise, physical exercise, social service activities, mindful and creative cultural practices, or any family activities. Study should not be done on a full stomach and in the afternoon. This can lead to loss of both eyesight and memory.

Attentive: If you want to be a good student, you have to concentrate on reading and writing. It is necessary to create affection and thirst for knowledge in the mind. It’s the 10th step of our honest student reviews. One thing to keep in mind is that water does not move forward but leads to thirst. In addition to enhancing memory through deep attention, investigative vision is also sharpened.

Through this creative and innovative talent continues to develop. When the thoughts and inclinations of the mind go to one side, then the other side becomes empty. Scattered minds, fluid thoughts, thoughts and whimsy are not read and written. One has to study with one goal in mind. Then it will be possible to wear the wreath of success.

Discipline and Obedience: Discipline and obedience are one of the hallmarks of life. Discipline and loyalty are the keys to development. There are some visible and invisible creations in this universe. Everything is bound in a special chain. There is no irregularity and chaos anywhere in nature. The moon-sun, the planets-stars, the arrival and departure of night and day, the diurnal motion of time and the annual motion are all revolving in a precise manner.

Spoken Skill: How to master a language I discussed in my timeline article “Essential Messages for Students”. I kindly request you to take a look there. It’s the small and 12th step of our honest student reviews.

Favorable Environment: If we want to develop the child in an ideal and well-educated way, we need a favorable environment for him. This conducive environment is needed in educational institutions as well. Because the child stays in the educational institution for only 5-6 hours out of 24 hours. The rest of the time is spent in the arms of parents. This is why it is said – “The real school of child-rearing is in the lap of parents.” It is the parents’ responsibility to monitor how the child spends the 18-19 hours at home.

Study Tour important for a good students

Students need to acquire knowledge from textbooks as well as from the vast world of creation. Because in this universe, that is, in the created world, there are teaching materials behind every screen. The world of creation must be observed with an exploratory eye.

Pray to Allah: At last pray to allah for giving all him. After acquiring the above qualities, the student must pray to Allah in order to develop himself well. Because it is not possible to achieve anything without the grace of Allah. It’s the last step of our honest student reviews article pray to almighty Allah.