What is BIMA Insurance? Best BIMA Insurance in Bangladesh.


What is BIMA Insurance? Best BIMA Insurance in Bangladesh.

Today we are talking about BIMA insurance plans, what is bima insurance? The need for bima insurance in our daily lives? What are the benefits of life

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Today we are talking about BIMA insurance plans, what is bima insurance? The need for bima insurance in our daily lives? What are the benefits of life insurance card and what are the benefits of life insurance card? What to do if you want to get a health insurance card?

So how to make health insurance plans? The importance of health insurance? Without government health insurance, how to choose the best health insurance company Health Card for you,This post will give you a complete guide on how to choose a Health Card from the best bima insurance company.

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What is BIMA Insurance Company?

We each save some of the remaining money according to our income for the future so that we can use that accumulated amount for our needs in the coming days.

We make future savings in 2 ways – 01. By purchasing any property or through the bank, post office FD, RD, etc. 02. We deposit money with any insurance company. But what is the benefit to us if we keep money with the insurance company? If for any reason the policyholder dies in an accident before the policy maturity,

Then the sum insured is paid to the policyholder’s nominee before maturity. But there is no such facility in general savings scheme in bank or post office. So much for the future, but the most valuable asset to you is yourself. Where you mean your body and health are the most valuable assets.

As long as you are in good health, you can manage both your present and your future. There is a saying ‘health is wealth’ so your first investment You should do it on your own. Now let’s come to our main question, what is health insurance? And what is health insurance? See what is meant by health insurance – with the insurance company

The insurance policy that the insurance holder makes in terms of medical expenses is called health insurance. ‘If you have a bima insurance, In case of any major disease, etc., the cost of the disease is borne conditionally by the insurance company.

What is BIMA Insurance? Best BIMA Insurance in Bangladesh.

Life Insurance in Bangladesh

The coronavirus global health pandemic — and the new emphasis on social distancing to slow down the spread of COVID-19 — has put healthcare and tech services used to enable healthcare remotely under the spotlight. Today a startup that’s building microinsurance and healthcare services specifically targeting emerging markets is announcing a round of funding to meet a surge in demand for its services.

The company currently provides telemedicine as a service connected to its health insurance, and it has expanded to include health programs for managing illnesses and offering discounts for pharmacies, and the plan seems to be to bring more services into the mix.

   জীবন বীমা

The services of tech companies and payment providers have often gone hand in hand, but never has that been more apparent, or more vital than during the pandemic.

Why needs BIMA Insurance?

In the present age, medical expenses are a matter of cost. In our country, it is quite expensive for the middle class and common people to bear the medical expenses. Nursing homes and hospitals have sprung up all over the house, but the demand has been increasing day by day, but the cost of medical treatment has doubled.

At present, when a patient is admitted in a private hospital, seeing the room rent of the hospital, diagnostic charges, bills of various pathological reports, the hands of the middle class become numb.

So it is not at all comfortable for all people to carry medical expenses. But we can easily buy a health insurance plan and put the cost of medical expenses on the shoulders of the insurance company. The insurance companies have contracts for the treatment of various reputed hospitals and nursing homes in the city, on the basis of which the hospitals provide cashless treatment to the insured.

What is the best BIMA Insurance Company?

Before you buy insurance, remember that when you buy insurance from a company, you are not the only one buying insurance from an insurance company. You are buying a trust. So whenever you buy insurance, buy insurance by looking at the important things like reputation, establishment, customer feedback of the company.

Moreover, if you take a policy from PolicyBazar.com, the customer assistant will give full support through a phone call if you have difficulty in understanding any terms and conditions of your policy.

In addition, for the settlement of policies in almost all types of hospitals in small and big cities, one by one at the corporate desk of the hospital. It has customer Relations Manager, who will help you as much as possible for policy settlement.

Now, we will collect 35 best bima insurance company in Bangladesh. I think it’s the best life insurance from Bangladesh.

  1. Bangladesh Jiban Bima Corporation
  2. Bangladesh Sadharan Bima Corporation
  3. Sonali Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  4. MetLife Bangladesh
  5. Astha Life Insurance company Limited
  6. Fareast Islami Life Insurance Company Limited
  7. Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  8. Meghna Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  9. National Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  10. Padma Islami Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  11. Popular Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  12. Bengal Islami Life Insurance Ltd.
  13. Prime Islami Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  14. Progressive Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  15. Rupali Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  16. Sandhani Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  17. Sunflower Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  18. Sunlife Insurance Company Ltd.
  19. Zenith Islami Life Insurance Ltd.
  20. Mercantile Islami Life Insurance Ltd.
  21. Pragati Life Insurance Ltd.
  22. Guardian Life Insurance Ltd.
  23. Chartered Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  24. Best Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  25. Protective Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  26. Sonali Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  27. Sawdesh Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  28. Diamond Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  29. Alpha Islami Life Insurance Ltd.
  30. Trust Islami Life Insurance Co. Ltd.
  31. Jamuna Life Insurance Ltd.
  32. Golden Life Insurance Ltd.
  33. Homeland Life Insurance Company Ltd.
  34. Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) of Bangladesh Ltd.
  35. NRB Islamic Life Insurance Ltd.
What is BIMA Insurance? Best BIMA Insurance in Bangladesh.

BIMA Insurance


In the end, this is the only source of health for a person. So as long as one maintains one’s own health, a person remains physically and mentally strong, But when the health is bad, the other person is sympathetic, but the victim has to be himself. So my sincere request is to keep an eye on our own health first of all.

You need to have health insurance. Because when a person falls ill, he loses money and becomes destitute. But with a little money you can buy a health insurance.

We can easily make sure that the cost of the illness is borne by an insurance company. And last but not least, the 2 Bonus Tips for Choosing Your Health Insurance –

01. Before taking health insurance plans from any company, buy insurance by looking at the claim settlement ratio of the insurance company. If the claim settlement ratio of an insurance company is 75% in 01 year, then you can trust that company and buy health insurance from there.

02. Encradle Claim settlement ratio, if the Encradle Claim settlement ratio of an insurance company is 90% +, then it is better not to buy insurance from that insurance company. Because if the medic claim comes to the insurance company from the company, then the insurance company will not have enough money to pay the insurance amount for the medical expenses to the customer.

Therefore, it is considered good if the Encradle Claim settlement ratio graph of the insurance company from which the health insurance card will be issued is in the range of 80-90%.

However, if you have read our article with all your heart, then hopefully you will get a clear idea about health insurance. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments and we will expect a good quality reader from you You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.