Bike Driving on the Unsuitable Side of the Road Penalties & Fines


Bike Driving on the Unsuitable Side of the Road Penalties & Fines

Bike driving is fun and thrilling however it can’t be denied that it also requires quite a lot of attention to safety, ensuring speed limit in any res

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Bike driving is fun and thrilling however it can’t be denied that it also requires quite a lot of attention to safety, ensuring speed limit in any respect times, and following road rules. It’s because bike riders are inevitably more liable to accidents and other mishaps on the road.

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In actual fact, as per a report titled ‘Road Accident in India 2019’, bike-driving on the unsuitable side of the road has been named because the second biggest reason for National Highway deaths in India. That is why the Motor Vehicle Act now imposes strict penalties and fines to defaulters to regulate this shocking and rising trend.

Bike Driving Penalties & Fines

Motorbikes wheel through our landscape from ancient times. The necessity to levy a penalty comes into force only because road drivers proceed to violate traffic rules and regulations already in place. And sadly, bike riders are considered one of the foremost defaulters on this area.

In Bangladesh where public transport is in the most depressive condition ever, motorbikes are the real escape to treat your journey a better way. For the sake of convenience, they drive on the unsuitable side of the road, take unsuitable turns, and sometimes overspeed to overtake one other vehicle.

What was The Motor Vehicle Act 1988?

The federal government of India brought into force the Indian Motor Vehicle Act in 1988 by passing it within the Indian Parliament. This Act authorized drivers to drive vehicles on the road and likewise registered the motorized vehicles before they hit the road. Nevertheless, the Act did not cover the world of penalizing defaulters on the road.

In case of any mishap on the road, the person driving the vehicle was not held accountable for the act. As an alternative, the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 focused more on compensating the innocent affected on the road as a result of the unsuitable doing.

Bike Driving Penalties & Fines

Bike Driving Penalties & Fines

Taking into consideration the regular rise within the variety of road accidents and fatalities, the federal government decided to bring certain amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

The Motor Vehicle Act 2019

The amendments to the present Motor Vehicle Act brought into force the Motor Vehicle Act, 2019. The intent of the act was to make sure complete safety of individuals on the road, resembling pedestrians, children, and non-motor vehicles, which is perhaps affected by road mishaps. Also, the Act brought forth the thought of penalizing drivers who violated traffic rules and regulations.

In actual fact, as per the brand new Act, penalties imposed on defaulters were increased by nearly a whopping 200%. This was done following the denial by drivers in several states within the country to drive on the road in step with the brand new amendments made to the Motor Vehicle Act.

Penalties Levied On Bikers For Driving On Unsuitable Side

As per the newly revised Motor Vehicle Act, the federal government imposes certain penalties and fines as part of motorbike driving rules in India:

  • There may be a monetary tremendous chargeable between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 to anyone seen driving on the unsuitable side of the road.
  • There may even be imprisonment for as much as 3 months for defaulters who refuse to abide by the principles.
  • Motor insurance doesn’t provide coverage to policyholders against the newly levied penalties. 

Consequently of the above, numerous bike riders have been following traffic rules with utmost sincerity, leading to more responsible driving and lesser road accidents.

Easy Methods To Avoid Paying Traffic Violation Fines?

The brand new traffic rules have been brought forth to encourage automobile and bike drivers to drive responsibly and ensure their very own safety in addition to that of others on the road. Nevertheless, defaulters must be taught a lesson and hence, fines and penalties have been levied.

Nevertheless, by abiding by the principles and showing responsible behavior on the road, one can actually avoid the penalty. Listed here are some things to remember while driving a vehicle on the road:

  • Be sure that you usually drive on the suitable side of the road. Never drive on the unsuitable side. It’d attract not only tremendous but in addition an unlucky mishap.
  • Be sure that you simply all the time renew the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate and motor insurance timely.
  • Never drive without carrying your driving license, registration certificate or RC, PUC certificate, and vehicle insurance copy within the vehicle that you simply’re driving.
  • Avoid overspeeding. Remember, arriving late somewhere is all the time higher than not having the ability to arrive there in any respect! Leave on time and drive throughout the permissible speed limits.

Easy Methods To Pay Traffic Challan Online?

In the event you fail to abide by the set traffic rules, you’re certain to pay a tremendous or challan, following the amended Motor Vehicle Act. In case you could pay traffic challan, you possibly can pay either in money to the Traffic Police Officer on the road where you may have been caught or decide to pay it online. The latter option proves to be more convenient to quite a few drivers.

All you could do is visit the official website of the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of town that you simply reside in. Go to the section ‘Traffic Violation Fines’. You will likely be required to enter the registration variety of your vehicle. When you do this, you possibly can pay the traffic challan online via UPI, net banking, debit card, or bank card, as per your convenience. You may also view your online traffic challan status on the web site.