Best of Dhaka University in Bangladesh


Best of Dhaka University in Bangladesh

About Dhaka University in Bangladesh On a primary day Dhaka University of Gregorian calendar month 1921, the University of Dhaka, or the national

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About Dhaka University in Bangladesh

On a primary day Dhaka University of Gregorian calendar month 1921, the University of Dhaka, or the national capital University opened its doors to students because of the initial Vice-Chancellor of the Dhaka University with Sir P. J. Hartog. The university was established on an attractive part of town called Ramna on sixty,000 acres of land.

The university started its activities with three schools, twelve departments, sixty academics, 877 students, and three dormitories (residential halls). At present, the university has thirteen schools, eighty-three departments, twelve institutes, twenty residential halls, three hostels, and over fifty-six analysis centers. the number of scholars and academics accumulated to regarding 37018 and 1992 severally.

The main objective of the Dhaka university was to make new fields of information and unfold this information within the society through scholars. Since its origination, the university has had the distinctive options of eminent students as college United Nations agency have enriched worldwide data by creating vital contributions to teaching and analysis.

Sir P. J. Hartog, the primary vice-chancellor of the Dhaka University, established the primary high normal of education and analysis, once the same in his second convocation, nobody will very teach well while not a mixture, and if it’s not for the other reason, a university is a true university. It should be seen that its academics square measure men United Nations agency also are capable of advancing data. “

         The total history of the Dhaka University

A distinctive feature of the national capital University within the starting was its unauthorized, residential character like Oxford in England. However, 194. Since then the university has been given AN approved mandate to switch the exclusive residential-cum-teaching character.

19 With the increase of the People’s Republic of Bangla Desh in nineteen71, a replacement chapter within the history of the university began. it had been a stage of development, enlargement, and consolidation of previous profits. The Dhaka University has complete a central role within the tutorial activities of the region, as well as this new nation.

National University has versed turbulent times in several periods of our national history and has competed for a pioneering, necessary role within the formation of this nice nation in any respect crucial junctures. Bangabandhu Arab chief Mujibur Rahman, the founding father of Bangla Desh, and also the academics and students of this university compete for a central role within the language movement of 1947 and 1952, which eventually recognized the state of geographical area. He took a lively half within the movement of the fourth category staff of this Dhaka university in conjunction with 227 students and was condemned many times.

He was expelled from the law department and lost his scholarship. Later, beneath the active steering of Bangabandhu, Dhaka university started student movement, -point movement, and 11-point movement and so junction rectifier the country towards independence. many necessary events followed: the flag of Bangladesh was hoisted on March 2, 1971, the Declaration of Independence was declared ensuing day and Bangabandhu became the pinnacle of state, open arms coaching began, and also the Joy Bangla Bahini was shaped once the historic March. that ultimately set the country up for a proper war of independence. throughout the War of Liberation, the Mujibnagar government-appointed Bangabandhu as President, Syed Nazrul Islam as Vice-President, and Tajuddin Ahmed as Prime Minister.

These leaders and plenty of other United Nations agencies took half within the liberation war were students of this university. Throughout the War of Liberation, 199 persons as well as academics, students, officers, staff, and their relatives sacrificed their lives on the altar of the state and so {dhaka|Dhaka|Dacca|capital of Bangla Desh|national capital} University created an unprecedented and substantial contribution to the formation of freelance Bangladesh. straightaway once the formation of Bangla Desh, the govt. published the national capital Dhaka University Order of 1973, which became AN integral part of democratic policy and also the establishment of autonomy.

Best of Dhaka University in Bangladesh
Best of Dhaka University in Bangladesh

While serving because the pinnacle of educational excellence, the university is the central foundation of rationalism and democratic apply that leads the state forward. National Dhaka University is creating a cooperative effort to mix the pursuit of information and truth with the values ​​and desires of a growing society. it’s noteworthy that the Governor of geographical area and Chancellor of tree University, Lord author, in his speech at the primary convocation of the University on twenty-two Gregorian calendar month 1922, said that … this university is that the greatest right of the tree, and can do this over something. “

At present, the university is admitting over five,600 students on a benefits basis within the initial one enters the field.

Dhaka University at a Glance

Faculties 13
Departments 83
Institutes 12
Research Bureaus and Centres 56
Residential Halls 20
Hostels 03
Students 37018
Male 20773
Female 12028
Examinee 4221
PhDs Researchers 1201
MPhils Researchers 1956
Teachers 1992
Male 1327
Female 638
Others 27
Officers 1030
Class-III Employees 1137
Class-IV Employees 2250
PhDs 1429
MPhils 1377
Trust Funds 327
Land Area 275.083 acres
Constituent Colleges and Institutes 105
Students in Constituent Colleges 45374
Male 16922
Female 28452
Teachers in Constituent Colleges 7981
Male 4260
Female 3721